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You always wanted to calculate the human age of your dog? Then you are exactly right here! With newest formula we calculate the age of your dog. Moreover, you can see how the new formula differs from the old one.

Researchers make groundbreaking discovery about dog's age

Since dogs are considered to be man's most loyal companions, it is naturally important to many dog owners that their four-legged friend is in the best of health. But despite the best of health, it is true that sooner or later they will have to say goodbye to their beloved pet. The reason: On average, dogs reach a maximum age of 15 years.

While smaller breeds such as Lakeland Terriers or Toypoodles reach an average maximum age of up to 15.50 and 14.60 years respectively, dog owners of larger dogs such as English Bulldogs often have to say goodbye after only 6 years.

However, in order for dog owners to understand what stage of life their own dog is actually in, there are a variety of formulas that convert the dog's approximate age into human years. For this purpose, an average life expectancy of 82 years in humans is considered.

Conversion dog years into human years according to new formula

Until now, the widespread assumption was that one human year corresponds to about seven dog years. For example, if the dog in question is three human years old, this converted to dog years is therefore exactly 21.

This common formula considers many US researchers in the meantime however for outdated. This is on the one hand because that also the human life expectancy increases ever more and on the other hand therefore that different hereditary property analyses brought to light that some quadrupeds do not age constantly fast like their masters.

Consequently dogs would age substantially faster straight in the first years of life, however the aging within the last years of life of the dog would let decrease significantly.

It concerns here thus not a linear aging, but rather an aging, which would correspond to a logarithm function. The old "7-year rule of thumb" was then changed and extended by further components:

Human age = 16 x ln (actual age of the dog) + 31.

That means in the plain text: At first the number "16" stands in front in the calculation. To this the respective logarithm of the actual dog age in human years must be added. Afterwards, the result of the two numbers must be supplemented by "31".

Dog age example:

  1. A one-year-old dog (in human years) would already be 31 dog years old according to this calculation.
  2. A four-year-old dog, on the other hand, would be 53 dog years old. After that the aging of the dog would slow down noticeably.
  3. A nine-year-old dog would consequently be 66 dog years old, etc.

A look at the hereditary changes brought the breakthrough

In the context of the research of this new formula US-American researchers examined first the hereditary property of 104 Labrador Retrievers. The main focus was on the so-called "methylations" that exist in both humans and dogs. These provide information about the phase of life in which the individual in question finds itself.

On this basis, the researchers established a connection between the age-dependent patterns in humans and in dogs and derived the newly gained knowledge into the development of a new formula. However, they said this is important not only for dog owners themselves, but also for veterinarians, who can often better weigh diagnostic or therapeutic decisions based on the new formula.

However, there could also be dog breed-specific differences, according to which the formula could deviate again for dog breeds with fundamentally lower life expectancy.

Calculate dog age with the practical dog age calculator

With the advantageous online calculator for the conversion of dog age into human years, dog owners, veterinarians or other users can now calculate the actual age of the respective four-legged friend free of charge and without complications.

A possible conversion can be based on the old formula (human years x 7) or by including the latest data (16 + ln (age of the dog in human years) + 31). To do this, simply enter the dog's actual age in human years into the online calculator tool.

Afterwards the tool calculates the two variants completely independently by pressing the button "CALCULATE". For example, if the dog is five years old, the tool calculates the dog's age to 35 years according to the old formula, or to 56.75 years in dog years according to the new formula.

The calculation can be repeated as often as desired and is available to potential users completely free of charge and without obligation.

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