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How to calculate your sales prices for self-made products - Calculate Now

Fabric A: required fabric width m
Fabric A: required fabric length m
Fabric A: Purchase price per m
Fabric B: required fabric width m
Fabric B: required fabric length m
Fabric B: Purchase price per m
Total working time Hours
of which pure nh time Hours
Energy performance of your sewing machine Watt
Electricity price per kWH
Optional: number of stitches for machine embroidery Stitches
Other consumables
Total seam length m
Gross hourly wage / hour
Cost of materials
Electricity costs for the Nh project
Personnel costs for the nh project
Amount of the calculated sales price
Monthly salary for a 40-hour week (gross)

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Sewing is very much in vogue. Self-sewn caps, dresses, shirts and bags are not only chic, but are also designed with a lot of heart and creativity. But not everyone has the time, talent and suitable equipment to get creative themselves. Small entrepreneurs who sell handmade works are therefore happy about full order books. Not only do they offer goods that are definitely locally made, but they also pay attention to high quality materials, so that the joy of the self-sewn work can last for a long time.

Prices for hand sewn goods

But if you compare the prices of handmade unique pieces with mass-produced off-the-shelf items, you will be disappointed, because individual hand-sewn sewing works have their price. The materials are usually of high quality, because nobody enjoys cheap fabrics for long. The sewing thread, the power consumption of the sewing machine and the working time must also be taken into account. When calculating the price of the fabric, we assume a fabric width of 1.50 m., as in our experience this is the most common width. However, waste is not taken into account.

Price calculator sewn products

Of course, in a product calculation normally also other costs such as ancillary wage costs (wage tax and social security contributions) as well as costs for working space (rent), lighting, contributions to the Chamber of Crafts, marketing, etc. are taken into account. application. However, we leave these out, as they have to be calculated very individually.

Here you can find more price calculator examples to determine the best selling price.

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