Hobby Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice hobby calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Conversion consumption gasoline / diesel in kWh

Simple fuel online calculator to convert the gasoline consumption or diesel consumption of a normal vehicle in comparison (liters per 100 kilometers) to an electric vehicle / electric vehicle (kilowatt hours).Topics: Leisure & Hobby | Status: free to use

How to calculate a waist of a coat, pants or sweater?

Cuffs are often used when sewing stretchy fabrics. Whether for necklines, caps, sleeves or pants, cuffs ensure comfortable wear and a perfect fit.

Topics: Leisure, Hobby, Nhen, Handmade | Status: free to use

How to calculate your sales prices for self-made products

Calculate nh cost pricing, price calculation handmade calculate self prices

Earn money with handmade: With this calculator you can find out what selling prices are realistic for your handmade pieces.

Topics: Leisure, Hobby, Nhen, Bags Sale | Status: free to use

What is the maximum number of aquarium fish allowed in an aquarium

Calculate how big aquarium, ornamental fish aquarium size how many fish per aquarium

Here the maximum fish stocking of aquarium fish, their size & recommended temperature are calculated.

Topics: Pets, Aquaristics, Fish, Hobby, Leisure | Status: free to use

Mesh calculator

Facilitates the conversion of knitting patternsTopics: Leisure & Hobby | Status: free to use

Calculate ideal length of a loop scarf

Calculate sew slip scarf, make tube scarf make gift

How long should be the ideal loop scarf or scarf? Calculate sewing material now! Extra: many tips for other homemade gifts in the sewing/fabrics section.

Topics: Hobby & Leisure & Gift & Craft | Status: free to use

Enough bunkered?

Calculation of the service life of the bunker base pre-rte according to consumption.Topics: Leisure & Hobby | Status: free to use

Formulas for driving school: reaction distance, braking distance, stopping distance

Here you calculate the reaction distance, stopping distance, stopping distance in case of danger, braking distance in case of danger and the normal braking distance. These calculations are often asked in driving school exams and should definitely be memorized.

Topics: Leisure & Hobby | Status: free to use

Formula Fluffy Slime make yourself according to recipe

Calculate slime recipes, how much slime ingredients make slime

Here you calculate the slime recipe including ingredients to create the perfect slime (slime) yourself.

Topics: Hobby, Leisure, Funny, Toys, Cooking, Dough, Mixing, Fun, Slime, Kids Games, Kids Toys | Status: free to use

Budget planner: how expensive will a child's birthday be?

Calculate ,  celebrate kids birthday cheaply

Plan the birthday party at home and calculate what costs will be.

Topics: Hobby & Leisure & Family & Social & Celebration | Status: free to use

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