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Perfect passive house through optimal construction advice

At the beginning of the financing for your Passive House is the construction consultation. Building consultation is an extremely complex field. No builder can avoid it. It does not matter whether you are building a new house, want to renovate an old one or want to make an addition or conversion. In principle, construction consulting covers the entire planning of a building project.

At the beginning the desire for property stands. Many questions arise already before the building or the acquisition. An essential component of the building consultation is for instance the financing. The decision to purchase the property stands and falls with the financing plan. It is to be clarified, which measures are to be accomplished in the course of the building or purchase.

If you want to build a new house, for example, you can do this with the help of an architect or you can commission a developer/general contractor. The latter takes the complete implementation of the construction project in hand.

Who advises when?

If a property developer is chosen, the entire construction consultation is carried out by him. This is usually the case with new buildings. The situation is different for modernization and conversion work. Here, the first path leads to the architect and the second to the bank. The building consultation takes place with several institutions. The builder must take care of it himself.

Basically it can be stated that the building consultation consists of two areas. They are the planning and the building. Without good planning, the construction of a house is doomed to failure.

The first thing to do is to look for a suitable plot of land . This can be acquired directly from the developer, who is also available afterwards for construction advice. If you already own a plot of land or even a house, the search is of course not necessary.

The financing discussion

Afterwards it concerns, which type house on the property is to develop. For competent advice in this regard, the developer or an architect is again available. Once a plot of land has been found and the development has been decided, it is time to hold a financing discussion with the bank.

Construction financing is not up for discussion until all the planning has been completed. The bank will make a financing offer if there is interest in a particular property, not before. Once the financing has been arranged, construction can finally begin. Up to the completion again and again new questions will arise, which are clarified with the accompanying building consultation.

Calculating your perfect interest rate

Dream interest rates make nowadays the admission possible of particularly favorable loans. Thus annual interest rates of 1-2% per annum are no longer a rarity. Who would like to take up an annuity loan, in order to finance for example a real estate, should consider first, which amount in the year for the repayment can be used.

For a loan of $200,000, at a repayment rate of 2 percent per year, the annual burden is $4,000, which corresponds to a monthly repayment installment of $222. To this you have to add the interest.

In the case of an annuity loan, a constant monthly installment is set, consisting of repayment and interest, whereby the interest initially makes up the higher proportion and the ratio changes over time more and more in favor of the repayment. Use this calculator to determine when you will be debt-free, given a fixed interest and principal rate

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