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Naturnaher Urlaub auf dem CampingplatzIs a vacation in a tent cheaper than in a hotel or vacation home?

Of course, this question cannot be answered in a general way, but depends on different individual factors. In order to calculate the costs of a vacation at a campsite, the first question to be answered is whether or not basic camping equipment, including a camper van or tent, is already available. To purchase all the equipment just for a vacation could be more expensive than booking a package vacation.

What basic equipment do you need for camping?

Some campers are very minimalist on the road and do not need any other equipment besides a tent and a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag, but for most belong at least a table with chairs, a camping stove and -or grill and a cooler box or bag, to the absolute basic equipment. In addition, for power supply at the place a CEE adapter and an appropriate extension cord is needed. In addition, there are some other things that many campers do not want to do without. These include:

  • one or more camping lamps (either gas or battery operated)
  • a camping toilet, so that you don't have to leave the tent at night
  • a fan heater, because even in summer it can get very cold at night.
  • camping utensils and cutlery (at least a pot and a pan, and for each person a plate, a bowl, a cup, a fork, a knife, a spoon). However, it is also possible to use normal cookware on a camping stove

How much does a tent cost?

A cheap tent from the discounter for two people is already available for about 50, - €, but upwards there are no limits. So material, processing, size, air circulation and height of the water column are important decision criteria, which are reflected of course also in the price. If you are looking for a particularly comfortable indoor climate and long durability, you should take a closer look at cotton tents, which are more expensive in terms of weight and pack size.

Recommended cotton tents

When looking for tents made of cotton or cotton blends, you will probably come across the following brands or models:

  • DeWaard cotton tents (e.g. DeWaard Albatros) are known for being absolutely storm-proof and able to withstand any heavy rain. Due to their good durability, even used deWaard tents are still highly traded. The new price of an Albatros in the basic version is about 1.999 €.
  • Robens Fairbanks cotton tents (approx. 620-700 €)
  • Normad Dogon 3 (+1) Air Limited family tent (price approx. 1.250,00 €)
  • Obelink Porto Ecole for 4 persons - price from 600 €.
  • Outwell does not seem to offer a cotton tent at the moment, but there may still be used Yellowstone Falls

Recommendable polyester tents

Polyester tents are already available for little money, e.g. from discount stores. Here, especially brands such as Campfire or High Peak are known. In the middle price range for family tents for 5-6 people are already available at a price of about 200 € (eg High Peak Santiago 5). But also brand tent suppliers have inexpensive family tents for 5-6 people in the offer, such as the Obelink Lugano 6 Plus, which is predominantly positively evaluated. Upward also here naturally no borders are set. Providers such as Outwell, Vang and Robens with spacious constructions with generously dimensioned and particularly well thought-out space concepts, functional interior pockets, improved statics, darkenable sleeping cabins, etc., offer additional comfort and also meet the highest demands for durability and quality. Here it is important to think about which features are particularly important to meet personal preferences before buying.

What should you look for in other basic equipment?

Anyone who is dealing for the first time with the products that the camping market has in store will certainly be overwhelmed by the range of products. Certainly, it is not exactly inexpensive for the beginning to equip themselves completely, so beginners often reach for cheap variants. If you look in classified ads or at flea markets, you can certainly make one or the other bargain and thus gradually put together the right basic equipment. Many of the things offered are not absolutely necessary for most campers, however, a camping stove belongs for most campers absolutely, not least to be able to prepare hot drinks. A single-flame cartridge stove (price: e.g. 17.99 € incl. 2 cartridges from Lidl) is certainly sufficient for people who prefer to grill or eat out anyway and do not want to cook much. Here, however, the stability could leave much to be desired. Two-flame camping stoves are already available for about 40 € and allow the preparation of more versatile meals. The required gas cartridges are also available in specialized stores. Before buying, it is important to check which gas cylinders will be used to operate the stove and whether a gas hose and pressure reducer are required.

Mattresses and sleeping bags

As a sleeping pad, a thin sleeping pad could satisfy the simplest requirements. These are available for as little as €5.00 each. But most campers need a little more comfort and reach for self-inflating mats, air mattresses or air beds. The prices start here at 20 €. Those who value good comfort will appreciate brands like Therm-a-rest with prices starting at €50.00. Whether a sleeping bag is to be acquired or the domestic bedding can be taken along, is not least also a space question. Who travels with a small car, reaches certainly because of the smaller pack size rather to sleeping bags, which can be rolled up very small.

Do you need a table and chairs or is a picnic blanket enough?

When it comes to seating for camping, opinions are divided: while some people are completely at ease on a picnic blanket, others consider comfortable chairs and a camping table to be indispensable. Seating groups for camping are available in all possible variations, here too it is important to check not only the available budget but also the space in the car. The camping market is of course also prepared for the different requirements and offers camping tables and folding or folding chairs, which can be transported particularly space-saving. Folding beer tent sets cover the space requirements of larger travel groups (especially families with several children), while height-adjustable folding tables in combination with high-back chairs offer additional comfort. Last but not least, the choice of suitable camping furniture also depends on the activities during the camping vacation. If you are on the road a lot anyway and only sit down at the table for short meals, comfort is not the decisive criterion.

Other camping items

Whether foldable clothes and kitchen cabinets that provide storage space, the camping toilet for a little bit more privacy, the camping rug for more coziness or the cooler for the beverage supply: Who does not want to do without a certain comfort, can be completely left out when getting the camping equipment. But it is certain that a camping vacation has its charm even without a lot of frills.

What does a camping vacation cost?

The cost of a camping vacation depends on so many factors that it is hardly possible to give a blanket answer to this question. The price depends on the following factors:

  • Are you traveling in the low or high season?
  • What is the location of the campsite - in an attractive vacation area, near a body of water, amusement parks or in the mountains?
  • What attractions does the campsite offer? For example, is there an animation program, is there an indoor or outdoor swimming pool or an indoor playground on the site, or are there various sports and leisure activities included in the price?
  • How many people are traveling? Is a dog coming along?
  • Do you need a pitch for a small or large tent or for a camper or caravan?
  • Is it possible to use electricity and fresh water at the site or to drain waste water and are there additional costs or are these included in the price?

While one night on a natural, simply equipped place already for 10-15 € for two persons incl. pitch for a caravan or tent, there are (rather in the European foreign countries) also luxury campsites, which require prices of up to 400 € per night. It is however to be assumed that one can make as a family with 2 children also in the main season starting from 30 € per night in Germany vacation on the camping site. If the basic equipment is already available, a camping vacation is actually a cheap alternative to vacationing in a vacation apartment or hotel.

Recommended campsites in Germany

There are over 2,900 campsites in Germany, so the choice is plentiful. We have compiled a few campsites below that are particularly popular with families with children:

  • Südseecamp in Wietzendorf (Lower Saxony) has a subtropical swimming paradise (fee required) and a swimming lake (included in the ÜThe Südseecamp in Wietzendorf (Lower Saxony) has a subtropical bathing paradise (for a fee) and a bathing lake (included in the accommodation price), a varied entertainment program, trampolines, a riding stable, a high ropes course, a cyclo-cross and skating track, soccer, basketball, table tennis and beach volleyball courts, a creative studio, bicycle rental, a wide range of restaurants, and much more. and much more. . Some of the activities are subject to a fee. The price of an overnight stay at the campsite depends on the size of the cells. For example, an overnight stay in the main season in the smallest size of the cells costs 41.50 € including basic electricity, showers in the washhouse and the entrance fee for 2 adults and two children.
  • The Havelberge vacation park on the Mecklenburg Lake District offers a bathing beach with bathing jetty, restaurants, snack bars, various children's playgrounds, an extensive entertainment program, both during the day for children and in the evenings for adults (with show stage and weekly live band performances) and a trampoline facility for which a fee is charged. A pitch for a week in the main season costs about €225 for a family - but electricity and showers are not included.

  • At Camping- und Ferienpark Teichmannin 34516 Vöhl (Hesse) a varied leisure program is offered. Supervision in the miniclub, children's cinema, archery, pony rides, etc. In addition, there is a mini-golf course, a giant trampoline, table tennis tables, basketball, beach volleyball and soccer fields, playgrounds, a pony farm on the premises. The facility is located directly on the lake, so swimming fun is not neglected either. In the standard tent (up to 20 m²) costs an overnight stay in the high season 40.80€ including 2 adults with 2 children, however, for electricity additionally 3.40 € per night is estimated, a vehicle on the area strikes with 4.50 € per night to account. Showers in the wash houses are free of charge.

  • Just a five-minute walk from the main entrance of the popular Europa-Park theme park with its numerous attractions is the Europ-ParkCamp Resort in 77977 Rust (Baden-Württemberg). It offers a swimming lake, a covered children's playground and free Wi-Fi. The price for a car with caravan, 1 motorhome or 1 car with 1-2 tents is 25,00 € per night, reservations are not possible. In addition, a cheap breakfast can be booked.

  • The Regenbogenpark Tecklenburg in Münsterland (North Rhine-Westphalia) is located on the edge of the Teutoburg Forest and offers its own swimming pool with indoor, outdoor and children's pool, sports fields, playgrounds and a large knight's castle playground. A pitch costs € 28.80 for a tent (size 16 m²) including 2 adults and 2 children. For electricity there is a flat rate of € 3,90 per night.

  • The beach and family campsite Bensersiel is located directly on the North Sea, offers a seawater outdoor pool with giant slide, a large adventure playground with ropeway and climbing castles, an indoor play park and a varied entertainment program for children and teenagers. In the high season, a pitch for a tent or camper is 38.30 € including vehicle, 2 adults, 2 children and a flat rate for electricity per night.

What exactly does my pitch cost?

On some provider sites, it is not immediately obvious what the costs are for booking a pitch for a tent or caravan. Small campsite operators in particular only list their prices in the form of a price list. With our online calculator, you can determine the costs for a camping vacation, including the purchase costs for basic equipment - if not already available. Of course, the costs are only to be seen as a guide. Catering has not been taken into account here, nor have more exclusive requirements such as a private family bathroom at the campsite, which is bookable at some campsites.

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