Finances Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice finances calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Calculate income tax on Christmas bonus

Calculate calculator Christmas bonus,  deduction Christmas bonus

This is how you calculate the deductions in your salary for your Christmas bonus.

Topics: Economy & Finance, Money, Taxes, Income | Status: free to use

Diamond Price Per Carat Calculator | Diamond Valuation

Calculate diamond calculator, current diamond prices diamond prices

Online diamond valuation calculator (diamond price calculator) with price indication from an estimate (4C).

Topics: Money, Finances, Investments, Capital Investments, Assets, Gemstones, Gold | Status: free to use

Simple Price Per Gram Gold Calculator

Calculate current rate gold, gold bar value buying prices gold
With this price calculator for gold or scrap gold you can query current gold prices and calculate possible purchase prices and sales prices for your gold.Topics: Finances, Gold Calculator, Jewelry, Wealth, Money, Stocks, Metals, Investment | Status: free to use

Current EUR/Bitcoin Converter

Calculate bitcoins, current bitcoin price bitcoin value

Calculator To calculate the current price of various digital cryptocurrencies. Here with focus on Bitcoin calculation.

Topics: Cryptocurrencies & Finance & Money & Investment & Bitcoin & Conversion | Status: free to use

Fee calculator for costs tax consultant STBVV

Calculate ,  price tax consultant fees

Calculation of fees for tax consultancy services for tax returns according to StBVV.

Topics: Economy & Finance & Taxes & Trade | Status: free to use

EU Alcohol Tax Calculator

Calculate liquor tax calculator, liquor taxes eu calculate alcohol tax eu

Here you can calculate the alcohol tax on spirits or high-proof spirits for countries in the EU area. This includes vodka, grain, brandy, whisky, rum and similar products.

Topics: Taxes, Alcohol, Forgiveness, Finance, Company, Beverages, Industry, Europe, Import, Export, Trading, Sales | Status: free to use

Simple gold calculator or precious metal calculator

Calculate silver price calculator, price calculator metal gold calculator

Here you can calculate current prices for gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper, if you trade metals or buy or sell precious metals as a trader.

Topics: Finance, Money, Brse, Metals, Precious Metal, Investment, Capital Investment | Status: free to use

More net salary through lower taxes

Calculate save salary tax, optimize net salary maximum net salary

Calculate how much more net salary you can get from your gross salary after the effective tax optimization.

Topics: Finance & Money, Taxes, Investment, Assets | Status: free to use

How much money to invest monthly, up to one million Dollar?

Calculate When will I reach 1 million EUR, When will I be a millionaire Period save 1 million
What amount do I have to invest each month until I have saved amount X after a certain term, assuming an (unchanging) interest rate?Topics: Money, Finances, Investments, Interests, Assets, Financial Investment | Status: free to use

MEGA calculator: costs company foundation

Calculate company formation costs AG, company formation costs KG company formation costs

Calculation of the costs of setting up a company in different variations and different company forms.

Topics: Economy, Business, Finance, Business Planning, Trade | Status: free to use