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To be successful with a party service website, the users should be offered something special. In addition to interesting content, it is above all useful tools, such as the Party Service calculator, that offer visitors significant added value. Small free services create an incentive to visit a website.

Catering Service Costs: Online Catering Pricing Calculator

How much does it cost to cater? This is one of the most common questions we get. The truth is, there's no easy answer—the price will depend on a few different factors, including how many guests you're serving, what kind of food you want, and whether or not you need rentals like tables and chairs.

In this article, we'll provide some general guidelines for how much catering services typically cost and discuss some factors that can affect the final price. We'll also provide a handy catering pricing calculator so that you can get an estimate for your event!

Useful online calculator tools increase the likelihood many times over that a booking will also take place directly afterwards (after the calculation). Party service online calculators not only increase the ranking on Google, but also ensure a high dwell time at the same time. In this way, traffic is generated, which brings the website forward in the search engine results. The calculator from can be easily integrated into an existing website with just a few clicks. All contents can be changed flexibly.

Integrate price calculator for party service

The price calculation of the party service online calculator is based on various user inputs. First, the services are specified in more detail. For example, should there be a DJ? Which drinks will be offered at the event? Which dishes will be served? How many guests are coming to the party? According to these criteria, the online calculator calculates the upcoming party service costs. The party service calculator can be easily integrated into the website. And that even for laymen, because programming skills are not required.

Party service website price calculator tool for website

Partyservice Fischplatte BuffetAs a registered user there is a large selection of online calculators and ready-made tools at These can be used free of charge on the website or homepage. The costs for the party service can be calculated and calculated exactly with the tool. In addition to the number of guests, one can also choose between different dishes, such as buffet, menus or cakes. Even a four-course menu can be included in the calculation. Especially for large events, an online price calculator is worthwhile. With the party service offer calculator you can easily calculate prices. The tool can be set up quickly and easily on the website. An online price calculator can significantly increase the time visitors spend on the website. Also, the number of clicks usually increases many times over due to attractive offers that provide real added value to the user. This usually also increases the Google ranking of a website.

Partyservice Buffet Fleisch Obst KostenrechnerIn addition to information on food and drinks, items such as party tent rental, decoration, bouncy castle rental and DJ can also be a cost item. With the online calculator, the customer can have his price calculated right away. The probability of a direct booking increases exorbitantly.

Calculate party service prices with tool

The tool for calculating party service prices can be easily integrated into your own website. And that without much effort, very fast and comfortable. You don't need to be able to program either. The calculator can be integrated quickly and easily into the existing website with just a few mouse clicks.

Fleisch Buffet RechnerAlso these know by the on-line price computer now immediately, how much the party will cost. And the website operator also has the advantage that he no longer needs to calculate costs himself. The price calculator for party service takes this work off immediately, so that buffet costs can be calculated better and easier.

Homepage calculation tool for planning and costs of an event

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