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Braking distance m
Braking distance (hazard braking) m
Reaction path m/s
Stopping distance m
Stopping distance (hazard braking) m

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Driving school, much to the chagrin of most learner drivers, includes not only the long-awaited driving of a vehicle, but also theory. In several hours, each prospective driver must learn the rules of the road, prepare theoretically for dangerous situations, and also internalize the field of first aid.

In the area of driving theory there are also lots of calculations that are done with formulas and must be understood. To do this, the student driver for the driving license, for example, the formulas for calculating the reaction distance, for calculating the braking distance and for calculating the stopping distance must be memorized and mastered for the exam. You can calculate here with us, the entire car driving license costs.

With our online calculator, each student driver can once check the results of their calculations and compare them with the correct results. Unfortunately, the online calcul ator can not override the memorization, but a check is possible here at any time. Even for advanced drivers who have had theory lessons for a while, it is worth taking a look at the online calculator to refresh their knowledge or simply to calculate how long the vehicle and driver actually need until the vehicle comes to a stop.

Simply enter your speed into the calculator for which you want to calculate the corresponding distances. The calculator will then give you the following results:

  • the reaction distance in meters per second
  • the braking distance in meters per second
  • the stopping distance in meters
  • the braking distance in meters during emergency braking, and
  • the stopping distance in meters in case of emergency braking.

Knowing this important area of driving is important and sometimes saves lives.

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