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Gold Price Chart

This Chart visualizes gold price data nearly in real-time and the price development for the last 12 months.

Especially in economically unstable times, gold is one of the safest investments. Gold is available in various alloys. While 333,750 or 916 per mille belong to the more common precious metal alloys, 1000 per mille is technically not possible. The highest possible alloy is 999 per mille and therefore represents fine gold. A more common international grouping is the marking with carat. Fine gold therefore stands for 24 carats, which means that one carat corresponds to one twenty-fourth. The exact value of a piece of jewellery made of gold is determined using a special procedure that involves an X-ray fluorescence analysis. To determine the exact value of your jewellery, you should only weigh those pieces together that have the same alloy. Use a high-precision scale for this purpose - well calibrated kitchen scales or letter scales are suitable for getting an approximate impression. With the help of our gold gram price calculator you can then calculate the value of your gold jewellery at the current daily exchange rate. All you need to know is the alloy in carat or per mille and the weight, as indicated on the label, and you can directly calculate how much your gold is worth. Once you have determined the value of your gold, it makes sense to compare the purchase prices of different precious metal traders. Keep in mind that the trader also takes a certain profit margin into account and costs are caused by the analysis of the precious metal as well as the melting down process.