Commerce Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice doc calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Optimal sales price determination and commercial calculation

Calculate easy product pricing, find selling price for product optimal product pricing

Online calculator with several alternatives and examples to determine the best selling price.

Topics: Economy, Pricing, Distribution, Pricing Policy, Trade Prices | Status: free to use

What is the maximum number of aquarium fish allowed in an aquarium

Calculate how big aquarium, ornamental fish aquarium size how many fish per aquarium

Here the maximum fish stocking of aquarium fish, their size & recommended temperature are calculated.

Topics: Pets, Aquaristics, Fish, Hobby, Leisure | Status: free to use

Calculate Koi food requirements, fish food calculator

Calculate calculate koi food costs, price calculator optimal koi food recommendation best koi food

What is the best koi food? In this pet food calculator, a calculation of the approximate feed requirement of your koi per day in grams takes place.

Topics: Garden & Pond Technology & Japan Koi & Animals | Status: free to use

Am I being bullied and what can I do?

Calculate reasons mobbing company, mobbing consequences I am mobbed

The bullying test to check whether bullying is present at work or rather not, including a recommendation for action.

Topics: Economy, Company, Psychology, Employees, Personnel, Complaints | Status: free to use

impulse.de Sample calculation: How founders calculate prices

Here you can find the optimized price calculation of a muesli pack of a muesli trader especially for founders.

Topics: Trade & Commerce, Economy | Status: free to use

Barley cost calculator cost calculator rent or sell barley

Calculate prices barley rent, construction fence rent prices scaffold rental costs

Simple calculator for commercial scaffold rentals (scaffold rental) to calculate the cost for customers when renting scaffolding.

Topics: Building & Living, Building Renovation, Floodplain Works | Status: free to use

Calculate commercial electricity costs

Calculate ,

Simple tariff calculator comparison for green electricity and natural gas tariffs for tradesmen and companies.

Topics: Economy & Power Engineering & Business & Electricity | Status: free to use

Investment luxury real estate online calculator

Calculate ,  high quality real estate finance

Calculations for exclusive real estate investments in the private & commercial sector.

Topics: Building & Housing & Real Estate & Investment | Status: free to use

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