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Menge an Koi 8-10cm
Quantity of Koi 11-15cm
Quantity of koi 16-20cm
Mix an Koi 21-25cm
Menge an Koi 26-35cm
Quantity of koi 36-45cm
Quantity of koi 46-60cm
Quantity of koi 61-70cm
Quantity of koi > 70cm
Feed 3-4.5 mm pellet, pond temp. 8-14 g/Tag
Feed 6-7 mm pellet, pond temp. 8-14 g/Tag
Total feed, pond temp. 8-14 g/Tag
Feed 3-4.5 mm pellet, pond temp. 15-18 g/Tag
Feed 6-7 mm pellet, pond temp. 15-18 g/Tag
Total feed, pond temp. 15-18 g/Tag
Feed 3-4.5 mm pellet, pond temp. > 18 g/Tag
Feed 6-7 mm pellet, pond temp. > 18 g/Tag
Total feed, pond temp. > 18 g/Tag

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Our online calculator should help you to find out the right amount of food for your koi. Especially with koi the perfect feeding is important, because these fish have no stomach and therefore no real feeling of satiety. In the wild, the fish do not overeat, because they only find a few pieces of food every now and then, but at home in the garden pond it looks quite different. The animals show a permanent hunger and always eat when you give them something. But this could have fatal consequences and health problems.

Therefore a healthy dosage of the feed is inevitable. There is also the fact that the food available is usually dry food, which has a much higher nutritional content than the fresh food mixed with water that the fish find in nature.

Fish food comes in many different types; depending, among other things, on whether the food is to be fed to aquarium or pond fish.

Fish food for aquarium fish

There are many types of food available for aquarium fish alone, some of which will be described below.

Rearing food is fish food specifically intended for young fish; many types of rearing food contain algae. The algae is available either as food sheets (a unit of several sheets is available for low single-digit euro amounts). Furthermore, the rearing food is available in powder form (for example, extracted from the green algae Chlorella); depending on the packaging unit, the price varies - 1 kg of the food is usually in the mid two-digit euro range. Flake food is also available as rearing food.
Rearing food can also be used as supplementary food for adult fish.

Flake food contains balanced nutrients and, according to manufacturers, has the advantage that fish accept it readily and well; since flake food sinks very slowly to the aquarium bottom, residues hardly accumulate and do not cause water turbidity. Special color flake food is a food supplement that makes the colors of fish become intense. 1 kg of the flake food is usually available for a low two-digit euro amount.

As so-called FD food for aquarium fish, for example, ant eggs, anchovies or brown shrimps are offered. Ant eggs in a 1kg package are also in the mid two-digit euro range; brook shrimp, for example, are often available at a lower price. Anchovies are also usually cheaper. FD food is well suited for fish that eat from the water surface and provides protein. The raw fiber content aids in the digestion of aquarium fish.

Frozen food is available in different versions; for example, lobster or fish eggs can be given in the form of frozen food. Because of the possible larger pieces of food, frozen food is well suited for larger fish. Depending on the product, 100g units are already in the single-digit euro range.

Food sticks can be used as a complete food, are rich in protein and should be able to prevent vitamin deficiencies. Depending on the product, the sticks are also color-enhancing. 1kg units are often in the single-digit euro range. Special sticks are available for cichlids, for example.

Food tablets are available in the form of algae chips or allium tablets, for example. Algae chips serve as one of several staple foods and are a suitable food source for fish inhabiting the bottom of the aquarium. Like the other feeds, food tablets are available in units of various sizes; 1kg units are available for as little as low double-digit euros.

Granulated food is very suitable for small fish; individual granulated components are sometimes only about 1 mm in size; granulated food can be used as a complete food or as a supplement to flake food.
Special granulate food is also available for larger fish; for example, for color carp or discus fish. The 1kg prices are often in the single-digit euro range.

Live foods include mosquito larvae; as a very natural diet, live foods are said to be able to strengthen the defenses of fish. Depending on the package size, live food is also available for prices in the lower two-digit euro range.

Fish food for koi & pond fish

Suitable foods for pond fish include ant eggs, stream fleas, protein snacks, crickets, Japanese silkworm pupae and mealworms.

Ant eggs , for example, have a high protein content and are therefore also popular in fish rearing. Ant eggs remain on the water surface for a long time. The same is true of the other aquarium fish foods mentioned. Ant eggs, for example, are more expensive than brown shrimp; the cost of a 1 kg unit is in the mid to upper two-digit euro range, depending on the supplier.

For koi kept in the pond, special koi food is offered among other things; for example, koi pellets. Just as for koi, the pellets can also be used as feed for color carp. Koi pellets are offered in different sizes; for example, koi pellets are available in a size of 3 mm.

Koi feed or sturgeon feed

Koi's or sturgeon - for both of these fish species there are special and high quality foods, which should be used preferably by the fish owners. Alkote is fed here with the popular fish species of koi's and sturgeons, because it is very healthy and nutritious. Natural ingredients in the feed are the be-all and end-all for the fish owner. This high quality Koi feed also meets all requirements in terms of price for every season whether summer or winter.

For Koi there are different types of feed such as:

  • The performance feed. This promotes the normal and healthy growth of the fish
  • The main food, which is suitable for all ornamental fish and can be fed daily.
  • Special food is especially beneficial for koi and sturgeon fish, because it intensifies the color result.
  • Health food is very popular, because it can be fed all year round.

With Alkote you can specifically affect and support the maturation of your fish, because each feed is individually and optimally tailored to the needs and eating habits of the fish - Highest quality often in the koi trade for a low price!

This Koi food calculator

For the online calculator you only need to know the approximate body size of your animals and enter it. In addition, the input of the amount of fish. The results of the calculator are graded according to the prevailing pond temperature. The temperatures are divided into 8-14°C, 15-18°C and more than 18°C. It also calculates for you the amount of dry food, also called pellet. There are differences in size of this food, namely pellet is available in 3-4,5mm and 6-7mm. Depending on the size of the fish, they prefer the smaller or larger variety. The online calculator tells you what the approximate feed requirement of your fish is and divides it into just these pellet sizes. In addition, you get the feed amount as a total result.

Thus, the search for the best koi food is much easier.

Current Koi feed price list

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