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Branch density of the tree
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For how many days will the light chain be used Days
Required quantity of luminaires
Number of light chains needed
Electricity costs for the light chain

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The dark season is just around the corner and with it the time when we make ourselves comfortable at home and look forward to Christmas. The appropriate Christmas lighting may not be missing.

In the dark season, gifts that provide a cozy living atmosphere are in high demand. Thus, a specifically placed light brightens not only the room, but also our mood. Whether classic, stylish or modern: LED lamps enrich the living ambience of any home and are also good to give as a gift.

The choice of a lamp as a gift is a challenge for many, the lamp should fit the interior style of the person receiving the gift and not be misused as a light source in basements or storage rooms. Therefore, you should deal in advance exactly with the person to be gifted and look around in their home: If classic, natural materials and objects can be found in the furnishing style, then a salt crystal lamp, for example, could be the right choice. If modern, linear elements are preferred, lamps that create indirect lighting are often ideal.

Lamps in unusual designs with trendy accents are suitable for lateral thinkers who like to try out new things and don't want to get bored.

Find the right LED light chain for the Christmas season for individual preferences.

Also consider the lifestyle of the person to be gifted: Is it a technology freak who likes to misplace his iPhone? This person might be very happy about a lamp that doubles as a charging station for his mobile devices. A bunch of keys, a watch and other things that you otherwise like to misplace will also find their place here and can be found again quickly, even in the dark.

But the range of gift ideas for technology fans goes even further: remote-controlled lighting systems, some of which can even be controlled by smartphone, make the heart of every technology enthusiast beat faster and are therefore particularly suitable as a gift, as they combine state-of-the-art technology with practical handling and stylish design.

Philips offers a particularly innovative gift idea in the area of seasonal lighting: With the Living Colors table lamps, a wide variety of color schemes can be selected by remote control and adapted to the mood. In this way, any room can be immersed in a completely new color concept within seconds.

Great lighting gift ideas can also be found for families. For example, how about a candle holder with real wax candles, but with deceptively real-looking LED flames are equipped? This can also be used to conjure up an atmospheric ambience without any fire hazard. LED luminous figures are also very popular with families.

If you think a little about the preferences and habits of the target person, you are guaranteed to find the right gift idea that will not only make their eyes light up.

5 mistakes to avoid when buying lights as a Christmas gift.

  • 1. forget illuminant: Most lamps come without illuminants. So make sure to get the appropriate lights and give them as a gift at the same time, otherwise the disappointment is great when the lamp can not be put into operation right away.

  • 2. give away "energy guzzlers": The lighting makes substantial portion of the electricity costs of a household. It is therefore all the more important to select lamps and light sources that are as energy-efficient as possible. After all, the joy of the new gift should not be clouded by the next glance at the electricity meter.

  • 3. complex installation: If cables have to be laid, holes drilled or structural changes made in order to install the lamp, there is a high probability that the gift of lighting will end up in the basement. So: Choose a lamp that is as easy to install as possible or bring the necessary tools so that you can do the installation yourself on site if necessary.

  • 4. Christmas tree lighting as a Christmas gift: As nice as it is to give away glittering fairy lights, shining stars or sparkling angels: At Christmas, the tree is usually already decorated and the great lighting gifts can therefore only be used in a year, which could possibly lead to frustrated reactions from the gift recipient.

  • 5. saving at the wrong end: In no case should the lighting gift be too cheap, although there is now also with inexpensive versions quite satisfactory quality (example IKEA). Be sure to pay attention to the quality, what already wobbles when touching or hangs crooked, will later cause even more problems with the recipient.

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