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This online calculator will help you find out how much energy is needed to heat your garden pond sufficiently. The water must be heated under certain conditions so that ice does not form and the animals can survive. However, the online calculator can also be applied to calculate the heating of a swimming pool or a swimming pond. Often the sun and the heat in the air are not sufficient to heat up a pool sufficiently. In such cases, it is advisable to make some technical improvements. This can be done, for example, with a PV system that supplies the electricity for a heating system. The water can also be heated with a heat pump. Technically, a lot is possible here.

Of course, the calculation of the energy requirement for heating depends on the amount of water that is to be heated. Please enter this in the column provided in the calculator. It is also necessary to enter the specific heat capacity and the temperature difference that should be reached. If the water is 10°C warm and is to be heated to 15°C, you must enter 5°C here. Optional is also the input of the COP value. With this, you have already made all the entries and can let the online calculator do its part.

In the result of the calculation you get now heat quantity in kJ and in kWh and after COP value. Here you can read what amount of energy is necessary to get the desired result. In addition, these values allow you to quickly draw conclusions about the cost of this energy.

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