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Free Facebook Budget Calculator for PPC Ads Optimization - Calculate Now

1. Input data

Target total profit
Cost per product/service
Costs per 1.000 views (CPM)
Click rate (CTR)
Conversion rate

2. Results

Your cost per click (CPC)
Clicks for overall profit
Sales for total profit
Costs per acquisition (CPA)
Recommended budget for ads

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Use the free Facebook budget calculator for your individual Facebook ads now.

Today,social media marketing is one of the most important pillars of a successful advertising campaign and should therefore never be missing from the corresponding marketing mix. A large proportion of all consumers today are on social networks such as Facebook - and it is precisely this channel that you should use to address your individual target groups.

A Facebook advertising campaign is a suitable means of doing this, since around 2.5 billion people worldwide now use the social network. In order to create organic connections to your fans, existing customers, potential buyers or employees, Facebook advertising campaigns - so-called Facebook Ads - are a promising tool. In order to keep a better eye on the topic of advertising on Facebook in terms of budget and to be able to estimate the possible results of such a campaign more realistically, we would like to present you the following free Facebook budget calculator for your advertising campaign on Facebook.

This is how the Facebook Ads Calculator works

In order to be able to plan the budget for your next advertising campaign on Facebook in the best possible way, simply use the practical online tool of the Facebook Budget Calculator for this purpose, in which you enter a variety of different data points such as your individual revenue target, the sales price of your products as well as your average CPM (thousand contact price), your CTR (click-through rate) or your targeted conversion rate.

By entering the relevant data into the free online tool, you will receive all relevant information regarding the cost per click (CPC), the cost per acquisition as well as the number of clicks or sales that will be necessary to reach the revenue target you have set.

As a result, the Facebook Budget Calculator provides you with information about the advertising investments you need to make in order to achieve individual targets. First define your individual targets and let the practical online calculator calculate the necessary budget - in seconds!

Record all the important key data relating to your planned Facebook advertising campaign - this is how it works

In order to be able to calculate the recommended ad budget for your Facebook advertising campaign now, first enter the targets you are aiming for into the Facebook Budget Calculator: Your sales target in €, the unit costs of your products or services in € as well as your costs per 1,000 views, your click-through rate and your completion rate.

Those key figures, which will be used for the later calculation of your individual advertising budget, can be found in the upper part(1st input) of the free Facebook Budget Calculator. As soon as all key data has been entered by you, the advantageous tool will take over any calculations by pressing the CALCULATE selection field. You will now see the amount of the recommended ad budget in € in the lower field(2nd result).

Furthermore, you will also receive information about the associated secondary indicators such as your costs per click, the required number of clicks to achieve your sales target as well as the total number of sales that are necessary to realize your sales targets. Last but not least, you also get valuable information about the resulting cost per completion of your corresponding Facebook ad.

Plan safely, realistically and above all quickly with your desired income

For example, if you have a reach of 100,000 Facebook users and offer your products or services for 50 euros each, your revenue target might be 500,000 euros. Accordingly, your individual advertising campaign on Facebook would have to persuade exactly 10,000 of your followers to buy your products or services in order to be considered successful.

Once you have these elementary ratios in mind and know exactly what you want to achieve with your Facebook advertising campaign, the free Facebook budget calculator can show you the benchmarks required for this within a few clicks.

Gone are the days when you had to resort to complicated formulas or even cumbersome market analyses for this purpose - with the free Facebook Budget Calculator, you can always keep a close eye on your individual advertising budget for the success of your Facebook ads.

Facebook key figures calculation

You can use the free Facebook budget calculator at any time on the website of mein-Onlinerechner. Simply enter your individual key figures into the calculator tool and use it to calculate the recommended advertising budget without any obligation.

In addition, be sure to use the other versatile range of free online calculator tools on the mein-Onlinerechner portal to make your advertising campaigns and other marketing measures as efficient and successful as possible.

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