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Diaper calculator for diaper cost and diaper voucher - Calculate Now

Age of the child Month(s)
Weight of the child kg
Required diaper size
Diapers per day Diapers
Diapers per month Diapers
Price per diaper (cheap) USD/Diaper
Price per diaper (expensive) USD/Diaper
Costs per month (cheap) USD
Costs per month (expensive) USD
Savings USD

How to easily calculate your diaper costs now

Are you complaining about high expenses for diapers or incontinence care for older children? Then today we would like to provide you with a really practical tool with which you can now easily calculate the costs for your individual diaper supply.

The handy calculator tool is suitable for both infants and toddlers - so find your diaper supply regardless of any provider or doctor's prescription and save money month after month. Statistically, parents spend between 30 and 50 euros per month on drying out their baby's bottom in the first three years of life.

Of course, we don't have to explicitly mention that there is a huge savings potential here. So digitize this "stinky business" and bring a breath of fresh air into your diaper supply.

In the following sections, we would like to introduce you to our new diaper cost calculator and explain it to you.

The intelligent diaper tool for free - this is how it works

Depending on the age of the newborn or toddler, the little rascals have different diaper needs. Statistically, for example, they need around 10 diapers per day during the first month of life.

However, consumption drops drastically in the first year of life alone, so that initially only 9 diapers per day, or later only about 7 diapers per day will be needed. By the 24th month of life, this number drops again in the direction of 4 diapers per day - so far so good.

But where exactly can our free and non-binding calculator tool help you now?

Namely, the advantageous diaper cost calculator now almost several key figures such as diaper consumption per month or price per diaper in € together and presents you quickly and easily the respective consumption result.

Furthermore, you can also use the diaper cost calculator for an individual price comparison of different diaper products - scale up your monthly costs for diapers depending on the product price and then let the diaper calculator show you your potential savings per month.

You can also enter information about different diaper sizes or your child's body weight into the free diaper cost calcul ator.

Calculate the exact amount of diapers you need and include this important information in your individual budget planning. We'll show you how to get started using the diaper cost calculator in the next section.

This is how many diapers families with one baby need per year

In the first year, expect to use around 300 di apers - in the second year of life, you will still need around 120 diapers per year. It makes a difference whether a diaper costs 15 or 30 cents on average.

To do this, first enter your costs per diaper in € in the cheap and in the expensive variant. Then enter your average diaper consumption per day and the diaper size you need.

As soon as all consumption data has been recorded, you are only one click away from the result: the diaper costs per month Here, the enormous savings potential is also shown based on your individual data.

Which diaper size is actually suitable for which age?

Especially in the first year of life, things are quite complicated: because you need diaper size 1 in the first month of life, diaper size 2 until the first half of life, and last but not least, diaper size 3.

As if that wasn't enough, you will also need diaper size 4 (between 12 and 18 months), diaper size 5 (between 18 and 24 months), and diaper size 6 (between 24 and 30 months or older) by the age of three.

Cloth diapers or disposable diapers - which are really better?

Cloth di apers are much cheaper than disposable diapers and are also more environmentally friendly, respectively they look cuter. Furthermore, they are easy to wash and dry quickly.

However, the disadvantages of cloth diapers are

  • the high expenditure of time,
  • the initially higher investment costs for the purchase, and
  • There is a widespread opinion that cloth diapers leak more quickly than disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers, on the other hand, allow for quick diapering and offer a very good fit. Furthermore, these allow the little rascal a high degree of freedom of movement.

However, the high waste generation as well as the artificial surface and the potential dryness feeling on the baby's bottom caused by disposable diapers are also some disadvantages that disposable diapers have overall unfortunately.

Should it rather be no name or brand diapers?

Which diaper you finally decide on should not primarily depend on your wallet, but rather on the baby's tolerance. Your baby may even tolerate no-name products better than brand-name diapers.

Above all, pay attention to the skin compatibility, the protection against leakage and the freedom of movement that your child has in the respective diapers. Inasmuch as you find all these properties also in a No Name diapers, the purchase is in any case not for the butt!

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