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Vacation days converter

If an employee works the same number of hours on all working days, the calculation is quite simple. However, if an employee works e.g. 5 hours on some days but 8 on others, the determination of the entitlement is often unclear. The ideal solution is to break down the number of vacation days into hours and allow vacation to be submitted by the hour.

How many vacation days for employees

Such an approach prevents an unfair distribution of the use of vacation days and enables a more accurate calculation of the actual entitlement. For example, an employee who works 4 hours on some days and 8 hours on others does not need to sacrifice an entire vacation day if he or she wishes to submit vacation for one of his or her half days of work.

Vacation entitlement for salaried employees

On the other hand, it is also not possible to overuse vacation entitlement by placing vacation requests on full days. In this respect, hourly accounting allows the best possible recording of vacation entitlement for employees who have uneven working hours.

Calculate vacation days for temporary employment agencies

This variant is particularly suitable for temporary employment agencies or employers working in the catering, hotel, nursing and care professions. Due to incorrect calculations of the vacation entitlement, labor law suits or additional claims can quickly arise.

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