Planning Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice planning calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Calculator for calculating vacation entitlement for part-time employees

Calculate Auxiliary Employees Vacation Entitlement, Employee Vacation Calculator Employee Vacation Entitlement

Here we offer an online calculator for calculating vacation entitlement for part-time employees with different numbers of hours per week.

Topics: Economy, Vacation Calculator, Part-time Calculator, Personnel, Company, Personnel Planning | Status: free to use

SELZ ENGINEERING Duct calculation, ventilation calculator

Air duct calculation as an aid to the design of ventilation ducts.Attention this design aid does not replace a basic planning of a ventilation system and the values are without guarantee.The ratio of both duct lengths should not be greater than 1:4.Topics: Technique, Ventilation System, Design Ventilation | Status: free to use

Catering price calculator, calculate party service costs

Calculate celebration cost calculate,  party service cost calculate

Checkout our online catering pricing calculator and find out the party cost as you are planning and manage your expenses accordingly. Build own calculator for free.

Topics: Leisure, Economy, Party Costs, Catering, Business | Status: free to use

Calculate the amount of meat for the barbecue

Calculate ,  calculate grill quantity

Are you planning a barbecue? Use this calculator to find out how much meat you should buy. You will also find 4 great recipes for ingenious side salads.

Topics: Cooking & Barbecue | Status: free to use

Calculator for the design of the pond pump in the garden pond

Calculate designing pond pump, calculator pond pump pond pump calculator

This tool roughly calculates the necessary pond pump size over the circulation cycles.

Topics: Garden & Pond Technology & Garden Pond & Building | Status: free to use

MEGA calculator: costs company foundation

Calculate company formation costs AG, company formation costs KG company formation costs

Calculation of the costs of setting up a company in different variations and different company forms.

Topics: Economy, Business, Finance, Business Planning, Trade | Status: free to use

How much I should invest for a direct mailing marketing campaign

Calculate cost advertising letter,  mailing letter cost

Clear mailing cost calculator for planning a letter mailing or e-mail mailing in the field of direct marketing.

Topics: Economy, Business, Advertising, Marketing, Companies, Selling, | Status: free to use

Calculate phovoltaic systems prices

Calculate ,  Price Calculation PV Systems

The solar system calculator or photovoltaic system price calculator gives detailed information about the planned PV system.

Topics: Building & Living & Energy Technology & Building Services & Solar Technology | Status: free to use

Price calculator stairs calculation

Calculate calculate staircase cost,  calculate prices staircase

Online calculator to calculate the cost of planning and installation of a new staircase.

Topics: Building & Living, Interior Design | Status: free to use

Planning real estate financing correctly: From the desire to buy to the annuity loan

Calculate guide to buying real estate, buy a house cheap calculate rent

Calculate the term of your fixed annuity loan.

Topics: Building & Housing & Real Estate & Finance | Status: free to use

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