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Dog transport boxes - what you should pay attention to.

They give the dog a safe place where he is well taken care of, prevent soiling and accidents. No doubt: transport boxes for dogs can be really practical. But what types of boxes are there? And what should you look for when buying?

Robust, without potential for injury - and large enough

The mistake that is probably made most often when buying a transport box for the dog is the wrong size. The dog should not only be able to stand upright comfortably in it, but also lie stretched out and turn around in it.

The other typical mistake is to buy the transport box for a different purpose than it will actually be used for. What good is the super sturdy car box if it can't be taken to the vacation home where it is supposed to serve as a dog bed?

It is best to first make clear for what purposes the box will serve, and only then select the appropriate box.

What should be self-evident: The box must be stable, allow sufficient air supply, have a practicable entrance and allow the dog visibility to the outside. Sources of injury are taboo.

How big should the dog crate be?

Measure your dog: in standing position, measure the height and the length as well as the length of the legs, then in lying position, measure the width.

  1. The height of the dog crate should be the height of your dog plus five centimeters.
  2. The length should be the length of your dog plus the length of the legs.
  3. The width should be twice the width of your dog or the width of your dog plus the length of the legs, whichever is greater.

From hard-sided crates to wire cages, there's a crate for every purpose.

The most common types of dog crates are wire cages, plastic crates, foldable crates and beveled car crates, often made of aluminum.

Wire or mesh cages are usually lightweight and inexpensive. Ventilation is excellently ensured in them, at the same time they are escape-proof. Therefore, they can be well used in dog training, for example, in puppy training.

A dog that is used to the cage will feel safe in it even on the way to the vet. Most of the time, a mesh box is difficult to transport with the dog in it.

Plastic boxes are stable and hygienic, because they are easy to clean. At the same time they are light and easy to handle. They were developed for air travel, and for that they are really ingenious. For air travel, however, they must be IATA-compliant. Depending on the size, the plastic boxes are also available with wheels.

Foldable transport boxes are practical. They can be folded to save space and transported or stored. When the four-legged friend goes on a trip, he always has a piece of home with him in such a box. However, these boxes are not so stable and for carrying the dog they are suitable only for very small dogs.

The safest for longer car journeys, during which braking or evasive maneuvers are to be expected, are the car boxes for the trunk, usually somewhat beveled. They are often made of aluminum, heavy and sturdy, and are excellent for securing in the car, with non-slip mats and tension straps. The higher price usually pays off because they are very sturdy and durable.

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