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This question of whether an electric car is worthwhile or not has certainly been addressed by many consumers. On the one hand there are the purchase costs, but on the other hand there is the environmental issue. There is the question of insurance and tax, as well as the question of the possible dwindling performance of the vehicle. The range of the batteries and their charging capability are also points of discussion. All in all, the question still arises as to whether the purchase of an electric vehicle is worthwhile and how long it will take for the additional costs to be recouped.

All these points are certainly to be checked in detail and also depend on the vehicle itself. The distance to work or the number of kilometers to be covered in general is important and, of course, these factors must also be compared with the fuel consumption.

The online calculator can help you calculate your fuel consumption, i.e. diesel, gasoline or electricity. Here you can convert the gasoline consumption that you have or the diesel consumption that your vehicle generates into an equivalent electricity consumption and thus have an immediate comparison. This would give you an idea of how much it would cost you to trade in your vehicle for an electric car. To do this, first enter your fuel consumption, specified in liters per 100 kilometers, into our online calculator and let it calculate the result. You will immediately see how the possible electricity consumption in kilowatt hours would compare to your fuel consumption.

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