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Calculate salary with the gross net calculator

If you would like to ask your boss for a salary increase for 2019 or 2020, you should consider your qualities and your added value for the company in advance. The more prepared you are going into a salary discussion, the better your chances are that your salary request will actually be met.

Don't argue with increased personal costs or even the salary of your colleague, but look at the matter from the company's perspective. For what reason did you earn more money? To what extent does an investment in your labor also pay off for the company? Perhaps you bring particularly in-depth expertise to the table. Your ideas will ensure that procedures can be improved, processes accelerated or costs saved. Before the interview, note down examples of situations and processes in which you have made a particular contribution to the company.

More salary through optimal sales figures

You may also shine with particularly good sales skills that have already led to increases in sales or new customers. When negotiating your salary, present management with an evaluation showing the sales and revenue successes you have already achieved.

Compare your original job description with your actual job responsibilities. It is possible that new and challenging tasks have been added that justify a salary increase. Also, if you are rejoining the company after parental leave, the experience you gained as a young mother/father could justify a salary increase.

More salary due to high workload and enduring management expectations.

So you have certainly learned to keep a calm head even in turbulent times. You can handle stressful situations with ease, and you are no longer a stranger to multitasking. Perhaps you have also discovered your talent for event marketing while organizing various children's birthday parties and shine with creative ideas on how to keep demanding guests happy at the next company party. Remember: You should sell yourself and your skills in the best possible way.

More gross salary through more hours

Of course, an increase in hours will also lead to an increase in salary. If you can also get an increase in your hourly wage as part of a salary discussion, then the re-entry interview will pay off in two ways.

Use our calculator to determine your current and future hourly wage, as well as your future increased gross salary, based on your previous gross salary and hours worked per week. Continue here if you want to achieve more net salary through tax optimization.

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