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Here you find some nice net calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Calculate income tax on Christmas bonus

Calculate calculator Christmas bonus,  deduction Christmas bonus

This is how you calculate the deductions in your salary for your Christmas bonus.

Topics: Economy & Finance, Money, Taxes, Income | Status: free to use

Calculate gross salary after salary increase

Calculate salary calculator net, net salary calculator net salary calculator

Want to quickly figure out what your future gross salary would be based on your current salary?

Topics: Economy, Wage Costs, Net Wage, Personnel, Money | Status: free to use

More net salary through lower taxes

Calculate save salary tax, optimize net salary maximum net salary

Calculate how much more net salary you can get from your gross salary after the effective tax optimization.

Topics: Finance & Money, Taxes, Investment, Assets | Status: free to use

Lead Magnet Funnel Calculator | Sales Funnel Optimization Test

Calculate effective sales controlling, perfect sales control calculate leads

Is your site optimized to generate countless customer inquiries via clickfunnels? Take the funnel test.

Topics: Economy, Marketing, Sales, Online Marketing, Internet, Stores, Customer Analysis, Controlling | Status: free to use

Calculate Intrinsic Share Values Instantly With our Calculators

Calculate Net asset value, financial analysis of assets intrinsic value gold
The intrinsic value of a stock (intrinsic value) is an indication, according to Benjamin Graham, of what you would get if you sold a company's stock at the current price. This value can be calculated using a number of factors, including the current price, dividend yield, and earnings per share. Topics: Finances, Money, Assets, Shares, Securities, Stock Market, Stocks, Capital, Companies, Analysis, Markets | Status: free to use

Child Benefit Calculator 2020

Calculate family benefit,  online calculator child benefit

In June 2018, the German Cabinet approved the draft of the Family Relief Act. The new law provided for increased tax allowances and a child benefit increase for 2019 and 2020.

Topics: Families & Social Affairs & Finances & Children, Child Benefit Supplement | Status: free to use

Is your site optimized to generate many inquiries via Clickfunnels? Take the test and calculate the costs.

Topics: Business, Marketing, Sales, Online Marketing, Internet, Shops, Customer Analysis, Controlling | Status: free to use

Characteristic value calculator linear solenoids Red Magnetics

no photo

Research to determine the characteristic values of solenoids (Industry & Physics)

Topics: Magnet Characteristic Value Calculator, Industry, Mechanical Engineering | Status: free to use

Conversion of net price to gross price

no photo

Calculate the VAT incurred on the purchase of an item from the net price.

Topics: Economy & Business, Finance, Taxes | Status: free to use

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