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Calculate online painting costs for a price quote

Please enter the appropriate values in the calculator above. The fields with a stronger gray border are input fields and therefore variable. The fields that are not outlined are fixed output fields. If you do not want to include the costs for painting the ceilings, you can set the "Painting costs ceiling" above to 0 EUR/sqm. Painter costs for a maximum of 5 rooms can be listed.

Cost calculator painting work: Preparation painting

Farbtuben zum AnmischenBefore painting walls and ceilings, they should be wallpapered. This will conceal grooves and other structures in the plaster, as well as minor irregularities, and give the wall surface a uniform appearance. As wallpaper in this case is usually used woodchip, which, unlike patterned wallpaper is not overlapping with the web edge to the light, but to stick butt to butt.

Very good to see the Euro rolls with dimensions 10.05 m x 0.53 m.

This is how to determine how many rolls of wallpaper you need: Take the perimeter of the room to be wallpapered in meters and divide it by 2. This gives the number of Eurorolls (10.05 m x 0.53 m) needed if the room height is less than 2.40 m.

  • Example 1: For a room with a perimeter of 18 m and a height of 2.30 m, this gives a requirement of 9 rolls.

  • Example 2: For higher rooms up to 3 m, the room circumference is doubled and then divided by 3. This gives a requirement of 12 rolls for an example room of 18 m circumference with 2.80 m height.

Is it necessary to paint woodchip?

bersicht Alpina WandfarbenNormally, dispersion paints are used to paint the finished wallpaper. The data on the paint buckets refer to painting a smooth surface once, which is usually 6-8 m? per liter of paint. It is necessary to halve this value, because a good covering paint must be applied at least twice.

If the surface to be painted is very textured, the area that can be painted with one liter of paint decreases to 4-6 m? A safety margin of 25% can also not hurt here.

Painting tools and tips for painting walls

To paint large areas, the lambskin roller is very suitable. Lammfellrolle zum Streichen

For painting you need a good roller and a scraper grid. You put this in the paint bucket and dip a third of the roller into the paint. By rolling over the scraper grid, you distribute the paint evenly on the roller and allow excess paint to drip off.

Do not save at the wrong end! Inexpensive paint is usually very thin, you should expect that you may have to paint 3 times. Furthermore, inexpensive paints often drip more.

  • If the free area on the scraper grid is too small (full paint bucket) an empty paint bucket is recommended, into which you can decant the paint.

  • If walls and ceiling are to be painted, you should start with the ceiling, then dripping paint can not yet cause any damage.

  • As a beginner, don't skimp on masking tape either; cheap masking tape will cause messy cracks in the painted wall when you tear it off later.

  • If possible, remove the masking tape about 1 hour after painting, the paint must not yet be fully cured, otherwise the edges may "fray".

  • To assess whether a 2nd coat is necessary, you should in any case wait 8-12 hours or more until the paint is really 100% dry. Paint that is not yet dry can leave irritating shadows.

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