Design Calculator Examples

Here you find some nice design calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Heat demand calculation: design of a new heating system

Calculate heating renovation, calculate nominal heat output heating renovation

Here you can roughly calculate your necessary heat requirement when purchasing a new heating system for an old or new building.

Topics: Energy & Building Services, Heating Technology, Heating Engineering | Status: free to use

Calculation of industry conveyor belt systems

Calculate conveyor system, conveying system conveyor system design

Here, the design of a roller conveyor belt in industry or in the construction sector is calculated in a simplified way.

Topics: Industry, Machinery, Economy, Production, Transport, Automation, Special Machinery, Industrial Machines, Goods, Industrial Goods | Status: free to use

SELZ ENGINEERING Duct calculation, ventilation calculator

Air duct calculation as an aid to the design of ventilation ducts.Attention this design aid does not replace a basic planning of a ventilation system and the values are without guarantee.The ratio of both duct lengths should not be greater than 1:4.Topics: Technique, Ventilation System, Design Ventilation | Status: free to use

Cost calculator fireplace stove & pellet stove comparison

Calculate Stove cost calculator,  Which wood heating fireplace

What are the costs of a stove with wood fuel compared to one with wood pellets fuel? For many, this is the all-important question when choosing the right wood heating system.

Topics: Building, Living, Interior Design, Heating, Heating Technology, Fuels, Homes, Heating Plant | Status: free to use

Calculate PV inverter sizing

Calculate how many solar inverters per PV system, inverter power comparison Gre inverter calculation

Here you can calculate the generator power and the voltage range of a photovoltaic inverter.

Topics: Building & Living, Building Services, Electrics, Electricity, Photovoltaics | Status: free to use

Online calculator wallpaper

Calculate how much wallpaper calculator, how many wallpapers calculation wallpaper calculation

Online calculator for calculating the necessary amount of wallpaper rolls in linear meters depending on the wall surface to be wallpapered. Calculated with the standard wallpaper width of 53cm. This factor is given but is also&Topics: Building & Living, Interior Design | Status: free to use

Painting calculator: how much does a painter cost?

Calculate wallpaper, wallpaper offer painter

Simple quote cost calculator for painting contractors to calculate the cost of painting a house or apartment (room).

Topics: Building, Painting, Renovation, Crafts, Interior Design | Status: free to use

Calculator for the design of the pond pump in the garden pond

Calculate designing pond pump, calculator pond pump pond pump calculator

This tool roughly calculates the necessary pond pump size over the circulation cycles.

Topics: Garden & Pond Technology & Garden Pond & Building | Status: free to use

Calculate cost infrared heating

Calculate ,  infrared heating cost calculator

Small calculation tool for calculating the design of an infrared heating system or power heating or also called electric heating.

Topics: Building & Living & Heating | Status: free to use

Fondant calculator: How much fondant for my cake?

Calculate ,  creative cake baking

Now quickly calculate how much fondant is needed for a cake.

Topics: Food & Cooking, Baking | Status: free to use

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