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Here you find some nice sport calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Price calculator transport costs for forwarders & couriers

Calculation of delivery costs for truck freight delivery including distance calculation.

Topics: Economy, Freight Costs, Delivery Costs | Status: free to use

Calculation of industry conveyor belt systems

Calculate conveyor system, conveying system conveyor system design

Here, the design of a roller conveyor belt in industry or in the construction sector is calculated in a simplified way.

Topics: Industry, Machinery, Economy, Production, Transport, Automation, Special Machinery, Industrial Machines, Goods, Industrial Goods | Status: free to use

Calculate size of dog transport box

Calculate calculate dog sizes,  dog transport

Here you calculate the size of the transport box in relation to the dog for a new purchase.

Topics: Animals, Pets, Dogs, Logistics, Transporting | Status: free to use

Postage calculator costs DHL shipping ber Post

Simple postage calculator for Germany-wide (nationwide) parcel shipping or Päckenversand via the German Post including additional service costs.

Topics: Business, Shipping, Logistics, Marketing, Transportation | Status: free to use

Pool calculator: how much water fits in my pool?

Calculate how much pool water,  garden pool water cost

Quickly calculate the amount of water in your pool and the resulting water costs.

Topics: Leisure, Toys, Children, Sports, Swimming, Garden, Water | Status: free to use

Properly lose weight, walk or bike to work every day

Calculate reduction, lose calories lose weight through exercise

Calculate how to lose weight permanently and effectively by walking or biking your commute to work.

Topics: Health & Fitness & Weight Loss & Sports | Status: free to use

Macronutrient distribution - carbohydrates

Calculate ,  calorie calculator

Formula for calculating the amount of carbohydrate

Topics: Health, Nutrition, Sport, Weight Loss, Converter | Status: free to use

What bike size for child

Calculate bike size calculator, ideal bike size perfect bike size calculator

Calculate what size bike you should choose for your child.

Topics: Leisure & Kids, Sports, Bicycles, Bike | Status: free to use

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