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Usefull Calculation Examples

Am I being bullied and what can I do?

Calculate reasons mobbing company, mobbing consequences I am mobbed

The bullying test to check whether bullying is present at work or rather not, including a recommendation for action.

Topics: Economy, Company, Psychology, Employees, Personnel, Complaints | Status: free to use

Severance Payments: German Severance Amounts Calculator

Calculate your job termination severance online and use templates for termination letters, severance letters, "job terminated" advice texts, etc.

Topics: Economy, Money, Jobs, Finances, Profession, Law, Companies, Income | Status: free to use

Child Benefit Calculator 2020

Calculate family benefit,  online calculator child benefit

In June 2018, the German Cabinet approved the draft of the Family Relief Act. The new law provided for increased tax allowances and a child benefit increase for 2019 and 2020.

Topics: Families & Social Affairs & Finances & Children, Child Benefit Supplement | Status: free to use

Calculation of shares capital increase for companies

Calculate capital increase AG, how to increase share capital capital increase costs
Calculates the shares and total investment in the event of a capital increase by the shareholders.Topics: Finances, Money, Company, Law, Capital, Assets, Society, Economics, Growth, Interest, Business, Corporates, Incorporated, Stocks | Status: private project

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