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Here you find some nice supplements calculator examples you can build with this free calculator tool. Some technical/template features are only in Pro-Package available.

Usefull Calculation Examples

Simple vitamin D requirement calculator

Calculate vitamin d3, healthy d3 vitamin needs

Since inhabitants in our latitudes no longer spend so much time outdoors, there is a vitamin D deficiency in the population. Here is calculated with what amount you compensate for the deficiency once or regularly.&aTopics: Health, Vitamins, Nutrition, Food Supplements | Status: free to use

Calculate price increase

Calculate ,  calculate profit margin

Your supplier has increased prices? Calculate the percentage price increase quickly and easily.

Topics: Economy, Business, Enterprise, Self-employed, Price Calculator | Status: free to use

German heating oil price calculator with price inquiry for a heating oil order

Calculate heating oil calculator, heating cost calculator suppliers heating oil
Calculate your heating costs for orders of heating oil with residual calculation.Topics: Building Services, Heating, Heating Technology, Heating Engineering, Fuels, Energy | Status: free to use

Child Benefit Calculator 2020

Calculate family benefit,  online calculator child benefit

In June 2018, the German Cabinet approved the draft of the Family Relief Act. The new law provided for increased tax allowances and a child benefit increase for 2019 and 2020.

Topics: Families & Social Affairs & Finances & Children, Child Benefit Supplement | Status: free to use

Save electricity costs, electricity savings calculator

Calculate lower electricity costs, electricity savings calculator change electricity provider

Electricity cost calculator & advisor on the subject of electricity supplier change & efficient electricity saving in the household.

Topics: Building & Living, Electrical & Household, Power Saving | Status: free to use

Tax-free allowance Gainfully employed child supplement

no photo

Calculate the amount of the allowance, that is, the portion of the salary that is deducted when calculating the child allowance.

Topics: Social & Children & Families | Status: free to use

Purchasing advantage IT resources

Calculation of profit potential through procurement of external IT resources via direct suppliersTopics: Finances & Money | Status: free to use

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